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Workstation Maintenance

Workstation Maintenance

Tritech Solutions provides IT Maintenance Services, based on our technician’s experience over many years of supporting businesses of all sizes. 

Our approach is one of a ‘can-do’ attitude and our goal is to make the IT perform problem free, so that the business becomes easier. Remember, IT is simply a tool to do business. Taking care of that tool, allows for efficiency in business operation. 

Our service is professional, responsive and efficient. Comparing with other companies, we have heard terrible stories of different engineers attending to jobs and being unable to complete work, work taking too long to complete, lack of engineer expertise etc. This is what we work to avoid. 

Supported by Engineer full qualified for ​​years on IT support field. Our team engineers are in good stead to attend to any type of IT problem. Engineers are also encouraged to improve their skills. To keep your IT in top shape, for a monthly fee, we will look after your system​. We will visit your premises regularly according to the level of IT. The purpose of this is to maintain your system​, and to check for anything that may need attention. 

​Maintenance, What does​ we do?

- IT Helpdesk​ problem supports​​

- Regular Site visits (by actual schedule)

- Check Antivirus Updates

- Check Microsoft System Updates

- Check machine performance.

- Clean disk of temporary files.

- Disk De-fragmentation.

- Network health checks. 

​​It is remarkable to see how a user that is well supported performs more 

confidently and successfully in their job. It shows in their work performance

and proficiency. As part of our service, we can show users:

- how to do tasks faster

- how to use advanced program features

- how to organize their day and there work better

- how to embrace IT and use it as a tool rather than a challenge.