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Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Our experienced Network Cabling Engineer and Network Engineer Assistance can fit-out any kind of network installation.

We are used to working in offices to cable LAN, Phone(PABX) when needed. Our experiences​​ covers drilling walls and concrete floors, running through ceilings and floor spaces with metal sheath​ etc.

Installation of any type of networking:

- LAN Cat 5 / Cat 6

- Telephone Cabling

- Fiber Optic

- Wireless / WIFI 

- Camera cabling

Re-wiring corporate networking

- Cutting and re-crimping all cables.

- Install cables management.

- Reconfigure rack.

- end-to-end testing and label.

- Network and wiring assessment.

Configuring and installation services:

- Configuring of WAN links, routers and intelligent switches (DNS, Web 

    ​hosting, NAT, and so on) 

- Local Area Network (routing, switching, access rule, firewall, QoS, …)          

- VPN and DMVPN 

- Network topological planning and network device recommendation.

- Full end-to-end cables testing and guaranteed work.